Adventures In Learning 2019

Thank you for your patience with the registration process. The system is fully functional, please proceed to the revtrak store to make your selections. If you have any additional questions, email Linda Stone at

Registration for non-Winnetka residents has been pushed back to March 13.

Adventures in Learning will be held from June 17th through July 19th, 2019.

If you have questions about Adventures In Learning, please contact Linda Stone at

Adventures In Learning has moved to a new registration system for 2019!

Registration Information and Instructions

  1. Follow the link below to access the Winnetka District 36 Webstore.
  2. Create a Webstore account when prompted.
  3. Click on the Adventures in Learning logo on the Webstore homepage.
  4. Browse the CATEGORIES to view courses available.
  5. Choose the COURSE you want to register for from the list.
  6. Choose the PERIOD you want to register for.
  7. Choose “Click Here to register for this class”.
  8. Choose the person you are registering, or select “A new person” and add their name and information.
  9. Fill out the registration form (this form will auto-populate most fields when you register for additional classes).
  10. Choose "Add and Go To Shopping Cart" to checkout and pay or choose "Add and Continue Shopping" to add more courses/periods to your registration.
  11. Once finished selecting all of your courses/periods, you will be prompted to select a payment option. You can choose to pay by e-Check or Discover, Visa or MasterCard.

• Please be patient. There will be a large number of people trying to register at the same time which can slow down the system.

• Remember to double check the periods you are registering for so that no classes overlap. Some courses are double periods.

• All single period AIL courses are $143.75 this year. Full-time attendance (4 Periods) is $575.00 for Winnetka residents.

• Non-residents will be able to register starting March 13th at 9:00 a.m. There is a $50 fee for non-residents.

• Non-residents will be able to register starting March 13th at 9:00 a.m. There is a $50 fee for non-residents.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER for Adventures In Learning 2019