ESY Program Info

This summer all Extended School Year (ESY) services will be provided through and during the Adventures in Learning program. Eligible students are those in the Winnetka Public Schools on a current IEP who are recommended for ESY by their IEP Team. ESY eligible students will be able to take classes during Adventures in Learning in the academic area of need (reading, math, etc.) at no cost to you.

For students who are eligible for ESY services for speech and language, a weekly appointment will be arranged during the dates/hours of Adventures in Learning.

For students in the General Program (student entering 2nd through 8th grade), ESY classes will be clearly indicated as such in the course catalog.

For students in the Primary Program (students who will be 4 by September 1st and entering Jr. Kindergarten through 1st grade), please contact Beth Martin, Director of Student Services for the district.

No guests will be allowed to attend either the Primary, ESY or General Program of Adventures.

Transportation is not provided during the summer session. Car-pooling is encouraged. Special drop-off instructions will be included in the welcome letter sent in June. Children should lock their bicycles when parking on school grounds.

Please visit our FAQs tab. Do you have questions about the Adventures program that have not been answered on our website? Please contact the director, Linda Stone.